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Bark Guards
' Corrugated Plastic Bark Guards. Protects trees from winter sun scald and animal damage.
$1.50 each / $12.50 for 10

Shredded Pine Bark
, Dark, golden brown color. Smells wonderful, interlocks for good retention on slopes. Economical. Lasts longer than other wood mulches, doesn't promote fungal growth. Excellent for perennial garden beds. Choose from our Course or Fine textured shred.
1 cu. yd.  $42.00

Out Back Nursery Mix.  40% Composted Pine bark, 15% Compost, 35% Sphagnum Peat Moss, 10% Coarse Sand. Excellent drainage, with water and nutrient retention capabilities as well. Perfect medium for raised beds or for amending clay or sandy soils.
1 cu. yd.  $35.00

Sphagnum Peat Moss
Bulk, unscreened. The natural way to increase acidity, loosen heavy soils or to hold moisture in sandy soils.
1 cu. yd. bulk  $28.00
Cu. ft. bale  $6.95
Cu. Ft. bale  $9.95


Carrol Henderson, Carolyn Dindorf, Fred Rozumalski
Lakescaping for Wildlife and Water Quality
Published by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
A landowner
's guide. Useful for restoration, preservation, and managing lakes and wetlands. This is an excellent book for planning and designing lakeshores

Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources and University of Minnesota Press
Minnesota's St. Croix River Valley and Anoka Sand Plains

The preface states,
"to be used as a guide and reference by county and city planners, farmers, foresters, architects, park naturalists, developers, landowners, and citizens." This is a book for anyone interested in the natural history of the region.

John B. Moyle and Evelyn W. Moyle
Northland Wildflowers 

Full color photos of nearly 300 species of wildflowers. A guide to the Minnesota region.

Mariette Nowak
Birdscaping in the Midwest
A Guide to gardening with native plants to attract birds.

J. Robert Smith and Beatrice S. Smith
The Prairie Garden: 70 Native Plants You Can Grow in Town or Country

A book useful for wildflower garden planning and designing or as a field guide


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